Funny seeing you here

Hello, Internet.

It has been awhile, but I needed space – didn’t you? Oh, well, let’s not worry about that now, isn’t it so good to reconnect – No?


No, no it’s my fault. No I was enjoying being apart too. I hear what you are saying. Maybe I just thought that – look I was just trying to be friendly you don’t need to – look calm down I wasn’t being presumptuous – will you listen to me? Just a second now, don’t you think we could talk about it? Did it mean nothing to you?

Okay, fine. Fine.

Well, hear me out. It’s just that life has really gotten in the way. You have a life, don’t you? You understand. Things move fast, one second Oakland, one second Seattle, one second Elsewhere. Bam, bam, bam, and, well, it’s not like you wrote. No, I don’t think I’m doing any long hikes this year. Hiking takes money, and – no damnit I know that – I know – no, I know – look maybe it’s not about the money, maybe you’re right. But it’s really not your place to tell me what I want to do. I’ll tell you.

What I want to do is sit somewhere, find someplace, and sit there. And then sit there some more. I’ll do it when I have the time and – yes, you’re right about that also. Yes, oh, you’re so clever. I’m not using any, tone? Yes, I’ll make the time. Yes, because it’s what I really want to do. Yes, prioritize it. Yes, because that’s what people who want to do things, that’s what they do in order to do them.

Are you saying I don’t actually want to do them? It’s not that simple, damn it. No, I’ll show you. No, I don’t need to show you. I’ll do it on my own, and not to show myself, either. I’ll do it because I want to do it, and I wont make myself want to do it, I’ll just want,to, do,it. Because I do. You’re right, why the hell am I telling you all this? I just wanted to say hello, that’s all.

No, I should have kept in touch. Do you think we could? That’s what I came here to do. To stay connected.

Okay :).

Soon? Yay.

I don’t know – gear, travel, writing, the American Dream? Failure? Success? All of the above? I hope so too!

Okay, talk soon? Miss you already.