Embrace The Sassy


I am on top of Burro Peak bundled in all my jackets in my sleeping bag going over the opening days of the hike in my mind.

Moss was fine. We were all fine and were always going to be fine. Like anything worth doing the real challenge comes from within myself. Barriers and fear are what always stop me and this time they wont. That’s what I tell myself.

I remember hiking with Lint on day two and nod. Human after all, and let that be high praise for an icon and reluctant celebrity. I kept up for two days. Fuck me, I can’t lie about it…it was exciting. We traded hiking strategy and each came away with new tricks—taught him you could cold soak tortellini, taught me about damn near everything. A great and honest man.

The temperature drops and I strap my quilt under my sleeping pad to trap in the heat.

The cool air tonight is the same as it was coming around pyramid peak. Bad memories of that place and the surprise hail storm and proximity lightning strikes. Probably wont need to dive for cover tonught.

Elizabeth sleeps quietly on the ground across from me. The skies are clear at least. She’s been strong in keeping up and I’m beginning to relax about her navigation abilities. Haven’t met a hiker in front of us yet who hasn’t quit. We’re going to need to keep getting along if we want to hear another voice. I am anxious about the lack of hikers.

I check and recheck the my quilt straps. Of course, they were done right the first time. Nerves are still with me. It’s the cold I worry about. Conditions are unseasonably chilly up and down the cdt corridor. It’s bad for morale to pitch camp when the sun is still up and leave miles on the table, but it would be worse to choose suboptimal campsites in the dark during this cold snap.

Tomorrow is the famed Silver City 15 mile road walk. Good, asphalt is choice for popping my remaining blisters. Better to deal with them now than in a week. Not afraid of the pain, just afraid of running out of time.

Blah blah blah blah

Look at all this pretentious bullshit!

I’m having a great fuckin time! Cold at night, hot in the day, might need a 0 deg quilt for the rockies. Cops already hasseled me twice so far but no tickets. Hiking while brown? Who knows. Silver city the bees knees. Could spend a year there. Hippie island in the desert. Best burger I ever did have. No trail at all out here. Pretty damn funny. Just walk North! Next posts wont be so serious. Imitating Persig is a bad look. Let’s just be ourselves and have some y’all what say you. “Fuck me” says elizabeth. Whatever Liz. I’ll blog where I damned well please you persnickety shit.