Embrace The Brutality


This was, of course, the right decision. My alarm went off and I inhaled deeply. I can breathe again, sort of, but it’s enough. I didn’t need more than that and I was happy to have what the desert required. Blanketing heat dried up my mucus quickly and I was able to chisel it out. We arrived in camp at four having made about fourteen miles. A half day, but we all agreed – mostly – that our bodies needed rest and to be eased in. Regardless of my inital dissent, it’s obviously a good plan. We can get up early and lather our raw skin in soothing cream and race the sunrise for decent miles before the heat descends again and team morale lowers. We’re all having fun despite the temperatures, and rest will help keep it that way. I am trying to focus on our similarities and not our differences. There is a hiker lagging way behind. A woman named Moss. We are getting concerned but don’t want to prematurely panic. Navigation is very serious here. No water anywhere and we depend on the caches. Very serious, but she could be waiting out the sun. The evening is coming, at least it wont be hot.